JTB Business Advisors, LLC

The team is lead by our President, Joseph Barnes who has over 20 years of expertise in the financial lending services industry. His experiences range from managing the numerous day-to-day operations of a bank's branch to managing the extensive tasks of a $50 million commercial loan portfolio. 

Joseph's business acumen is key in developing business relationships by providing valuable information essential to growth and development of  many organizations. He enjoys speaking with people regarding various options of financing available. He believes no organization should be locked into specific criteria in order to find financing and provide customized solutions for all clients.

Joseph has a passion for community development and has continuously served on various volunteer boards and auxiliaries. He strongly believes that business and communication should work "with" each other-which allows much stronger communities and economies. 

His unique experience has enabled our team to develop a vast network across the industry.  Our staff has worked along with Joseph for years and have the same business culture that has been established by our leader.

At JTB Business Advisors, LLC - we provide new services to clients that allows an alternative in loan packaging & financing options.

Our services encompass: 

  •   Goal Setting
  •   Revenue Forecasting
  •   Trend Analysis
  •   Financial Statement Review
  •   Loan Package Preparation
  •   Presentation to Bank (if requested)


Our Core Values

JTB Business Advisors, LLC core values best represents who we are:

1) Commitment to the needs of our clients.

2) Customer-Focused staff that provides professional interaction.

3) Excellence in navigating the financial service industry.

4) Integrity that fosters trust & confidence.

5) Brings desired RESULTS.


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We are excited to assist you!

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