Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the requirements in order to qualify for a loan?

In order to qualify for a business loan, you will need to submit at least three months of bank statements and the information on the Loan Checklist. If applicable, you should also submit your credit card processing statements.


Why do I need to submit requirements before applying for a loan?

You need to submit the required documents in order for us to assess your credit-worthiness. All financial institutions require these documents when you apply for their loans or cash advances in exchange for the risks associated with lending funds to potential clients.


How long does it take to get my funds?

If all of the documents required are completed, then processing may only take from 7 up to 10 business days. However, the amount of the loan is also among the factors which affect the processing duration. Put in simple words: the larger the loan amount, the longer it may take to get approved.


When will funds be placed into my checking account?

Generally, it takes 2 to 3 business days for the funds to appear in your account upon receiving the signed contracts.